ETSA Conference ETSA Conference ETSA Conference ETSA Conference ETSA Conference

ETSA's 2015 Members' Conference

"Taking on the competitors of textile services"

11-12 June 2015, Vienna, Austria

ETSA's biennial conference, held in Vienna on 11-12 June 2015, was a key networking opportunity for senior management from member firms. More than 130 participants representing Europe's largest textile rental firms, textile service suppliers and national textile service associations gathered for two days of networking, learning, information exchange.

The 2015 programme focused on the theme "taking on the competitors", motivating participants to consider the competitors to textile services, both traditional and new and to identify opportunities for our business to grow to its full potential.

BP Jensen Christeyns

We are grateful to Salesianer Miettex for the welcome to their plant in Wiener Neustadt and for locating the magnificent venue Palais Ferstel.  

We would like to thank ETSA supplier members JensenChristeyns and BP for their sponsorship of the 2015 Conference.

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